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1. Propensity (per million) to Murder:

            Key:   White     Other Race  Mixed/Unknown  AA or Black   

           'AA/B' represents African American or Black        'X' means 'times'

  AA/B people killed 5.6 X as many people of ANY Race, as White people did.
  AA/B people killed 67 X as many AA/B people, as White people did.*
   AA/B people killed  3% more White people, than White people did. (despite
AA/B being only 12.6% of pop.)
* Example Calculation: [refer to 2nd chart above]
   55.38 per every million of AA people, killed an AA person.
   0.82   per every million of  W  people, killed an AA person.
   55.38 / 0.82 = 67.54  

2. Interracial Homicide:

Key:   White     AA or Black    AA/B represents African American or Black 'X' means 'times'

   AA/B persons that kill a White are 13.7 X more prevalent in their population, than Whites that kill an AA/B.   (11.2 in each million, versus 0.82).

   This manifests in 259 more dead White ppl in interracial murders, than the total number of dead AA/B ppl. (446 versus 187). (2014).
    That is 2.39 X as many.  

This 'should' in fairness be 1 X (i.e. be equal). Please see explanation** in point 5 at the end. 

   White death toll is 18 % increased directly because of AA/B killers, 
while Black death toll is only 8 % increased directly because of White killers. 
(W: 2488 goes up to 2934 | B: 2205 goes up to 2392).

3. Killers and Victims - Proportions:

            Key:   White     Other Race  Mixed/Unknown  AA or Black   

           'AA/B' represents African American or Black        'X' means 'times'


  AA/B are 12.6 % of the US population and commit 47.2 % of all US murders, but only suffer 43 % of the deaths.

  Whites are 72 % of the US population and commit only 48 % of all US murders, but suffer 53 % of the deaths.
  23.3 % More Whites are killed than AA/Bs, (570/2451%), despite both contributing to just under half of all murders.


4.  US Police Killings  



The police killed 2.3 X as many White suspects, as they killed AA/B suspects, for an equal number of violent encounters.

This is taking into account, each races' number of violent or aggressive encounters with police. (i.e. Resistance to arrest)


We can gauge each races' relative propensity to have a violent encounter with the police by looking at the number of convicted murderers, in that year, for each race group.

There were 3196 White murderers and, a similar number, 3156, Black murderers convicted in 2016. Therefore, because 574 White aggressors were killed by the police in 2016, we would expect to find that about 574 Black aggressors would have also been killed.

However, in fact, only 266 Black aggressors were killed.
That multiple is 2.25 less than White people.

Calculations: Whites killed per 100 White convicted murderers: 574 / 3196 x 100 = 18
                         AA/B's killed per 100 black convicted murderers: 266 / 3156 x 100 = 8
                         18 / 8 = 2.25

Source: (FBI) https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s/2016/crime-in-the-u.s.-2016/tables/expanded-homicide-data-table-3.xls

 and: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/ng-interactive/2015/jun/01/the-counted-map-us-police-killings#
• White people are killed 2.16 X as often by police, than AA/B people are. 

That is substantially disproportionate, because the police have to attend to a similar number of incidents from each race group. 
(despite the AA/B pop. group representing only about 14% of the pop.)

Calculations: 574 / 266 = 2.16


5.  Interracial Murders:   (example 2) 
• AA/B people killed 2.2 X as many White people, as the number of whites that killed AA/B's. 

  The figures 533 and 243 can be compared directly and 'should'  in fairness be equal to each other**, irrespective of the population % proportion split. If both races were equally violent, then the ratio would be exactly one. (1)


Below are two illustrative examples in order to prove why Interracial Murder figures ‘should’, in fairness, be equal to each other:

eg.1. If propensity to murder is 0.05% for W and B.

Using a sample pop of 1 million, and an 85/15 (W/B) % pop split, then:

W Murderers = 850000*0.05% = 425. Thus, 

there will be 425 Victims of White Murderers.

Spread proportionally throughout the pop:

W Victims = 425*(850000/1000000) = 361.25

B Victims = 425*(150000/1000000) = 63.75

B Murderers = 150000*0.05% = 75. Thus, 

there will be 75 Victims of Black Murderers.

Spread proportionally throughout the pop:

B  Victims = 75*(150000/1000000) = 11.25

W Victims = 75*(850000/1000000) = 63.75

eg.2. If propensity to murder is 0.002% for W and B.

Using a sample pop of 100 millionand a 60/40 (W/B) % pop split, then:

W Murderers = 60000000*0.002% = 1200. Thus, 

there will be 1200 Victims of White Murderers.

Spread proportionally throughout the pop:

W Victims= 1200*(60000000/100000000) = 720

B Victims = 1200*(40000000/100000000) = 480

B Murderers = 40000000*0.002% = 800. Thus, 

there will be 800 Victims of Black Murderers.

Spread proportionally throughout the pop:

B  Victims = 800*(40000000/100000000) = 320

W Victims= 800*(60000000/100000000) = 480

Calculations: 533 / 243 = 2.19 

Source: (FBIhttps://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s/2016/crime-in-the-u.s.-2016/tables/expanded-homicide-data-table-3.xls

The data utilized for the 9 topmost charts is summarized in the table below:

FBI – Expanded Homicide Data Table 6: Murder [Single victim / single offender]                 Year:   2014
Race/Ethnicity of victimTotalRace of offender (killer)
WhiteOther1UnknownBlack /AA
Other race11684793325
Unknown or Mixed race63343917
Black or African American2,45118715442,205
USA Population 201431600000022878400038236000916400039816000
USA Population 2014 (%)10072.412.12.912.6
Killers Race (as a % of Total Killer's )100.0048.332.561.8947.22
Killers Race (Per Million of the Killer's Race)
Black Victims (Per Million of the killer's race)
White Victims (Per Million of the killer's race)

Source (FBI)  https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s/2014/crime-in-the-u.s.-2014/tables/expanded-homicide-data/expanded_homicide_data_table_6_murder_race_and_sex_of_vicitm_by_race_and_sex_of_offender_2014.xls 

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